Spiritual Warfare, Part 3

As believers, we will encounter various aspects of spiritual warfare that the adversary employs to resist God and to resist God’s work both in the Church and out[side the Church].
Patrick Steele

Pastor Patrick discusses the different aspects of our warfare, our approach to the battle, and the weapons that are found in our arsenal.

Spiritual Warfare, Part 2 – Join the Resistance

… 10 years it took, for me to decide one day when I woke up, that the walls of bitterness that I had built to keep people out actually had just been a prison to keep me in.
Sean Todd

Spiritual Warfare, Part 1 – The Full Armor of God

Pastor Patrick kicks off a new sermon series about spiritual warfare. The purpose of this lesson, and the entire series, is to inform and equip Christian believers to live victoriously in spiritually hostile conditions.