Jesus Up Close & Personal – Part 7

Neither Do I Condemn You

John 8: 1 – 11


…if this shows us anything about the heart of Jesus, it’s that God will go the extra mile, the extra distance, the extra place, to restore the least known, least considered person, back to Himself.
Sean Todd

Jesus Up Close & Personal – Part 6

The People’s Pursuit of Bread


…the message of Jesus is not a message about just simply what can I give to you, what can I get you, what can I do for you, but the message is “come unto me, for I am the Bread of Life.”
Patrick Steele

Jesus Up Close & Personal – Part 5

Jesus Confronts the Pharisees and Feeds Five Thousand

John 5 & 6


If you’re in a situation where it’s just completely overwhelming, it’s impossible, there’s no way out, there’s no solution, if you look at what you have, even if it’s just five loaves and two fish, Jesus can make it work. Jesus can make a miracle out of it.
Ken Bibee

Jesus Up Close & Personal – Part 3

The Forerunner of Christ

When I meet Jesus face to face one on one personally, it means it is time that I recognize, like John [the Baptist] recognized, it is time for me to put myself and my self-focus aside.
Patrick Steele