Youth Sunday


This Youth Sunday features messages inspired by the book of Romans from Hudson Sturm, Rhiannon Loomis, and Dylan Marshall.

Jesus Up Close & Personal – Conclusion

Encountering Jesus Through the Cross


…there is nothing more significant in human history than that moment, that event, when Christ hung on a cross.
Patrick Steele

Jesus Up Close & Personal – Part 9

Jesus the Good Shepherd

John 10:6-11 NLT


…no matter what condition or place you are in your life today, you’re valuable to the Shepherd. You might be wandering right now a little bit … but I can tell you, He’s a good shepherd, and He’s never ever ever going to let even one of us wander off.
Sean Todd

Jesus Up Close & Personal – Part 8

I AM the Light of the World

John 8: 12 – 13


…we don’t have spiritual illumination when we come into this world…we’re spiritually blind because we’re spiritually dead when we come into the world. That is the human condition. That is the state of mankind. We do not understand how to get to God. We do not understand how to be saved. And Jesus comes saying “I AM the light of the world, to show you the way.”
Patrick Steele