Take the Exit

exit-640_436There comes a time in our life when Jesus says, ‘”Enough. There’s no more excuses. We’ve cried about this, we’ve wept, we’ve held each other, I’ve blessed you, I’ve given you grace, but now you’ve got to give up, get up, and move on.”‘

Because if we don’t, we’ll remain in a place when God wants us to move forward. It’s just out of His love. God doesn’t want any of [the] potential in our lives to be lost because of temptation.
Sean Todd

Xena Pennington also shares some things she’s been learning while away in pursuit of leadership training.

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…when we talk about the goodness of God, we’re talking about a God who is perfect to infinity, who is goodness personified.
Pat Steele

Psalms 136

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You Gotta Love Me Anyway


If you remember anything… remember this. The demonstration of how we love God the most, is how we love the person we like the least.
Sean Todd

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