Interface – Part 3

God Gets You

…we should never think of God as being transcendent and beyond us ONLY, but that God is a god who is imminent, He is very near to us, and He wants to engage in relationship. He wants to interface with us.

Patrick Steele

Missions Sunday

Go Into All the World

Rich Marshall, Ken Bibee, Amy Swek, and Jake Vargo talk about mission opportunities for Ignite Church at the local, national, and international levels.

Interface – Part 2

God Wants to Communicate with You

…God is always speaking, and He’s always speaking to our heart. We just have to learn how to listen to God.
Sean Todd

Ways that God Speaks to Us

  1. Through Scripture (the most reliable way that we know God is speaking)
  2. Through the Holy Spirit
  3. Through Other People


Interface – Part 1

God Wants to be With You

Life on earth consists of a series of connections; biological connections, electronic connections, emotional connections, etc.

The most important connection we can make is a spiritual one. We were made to connect with God.

This series is about how we interface with God, and God with us.

…this goes far beyond religious¬†experience. This is a personal relationship. Our God is a personal God and he desires the deepest relationship with His people.¬†Patrick Steele