Jesus Freak, Part 1

the thing that should define us as Christians is that we’re just freaked out on Jesus. He’s just so radically changed our lives that we can’t help but to let that overflow and pour out of our lives. Sean Todd


Easter 2017

The fear and the anxiety about your death in the future is actually lifted from you. Yes death might be like a roaring lion, but Jesus has de-toothed that lion.
Patrick Steele

Praise Against the Machine

You can lose everything in this life…but I’m here to tell you there is something that can never be taken from you, and it is the praise in your heart.
Sean Todd


God has given everyone the choice of whether to go there or not… He built a cross right in front of the doors of hell and said if you want to get to hell, you’re going to have to go past this.
Patrick Steele