Jesus Freak, Part 6

Jonah – Freak in a Fish

…you might be in a place in your life right now where you’re being squeezed beyond what you think you can bear, but God’s plan for you has not changed. And sometimes in those rough places is where God is doing his greatest work in your lives.
Sean Todd

Jesus Freak, Part 5

Noah – A Freak in a Flood

Don’t be afraid to share the good news about Jesus with a culture who needs to know that there’s a flood coming, but it’s a flood of fire this time. God need’s people to speak for Him in this generation.
Patrick Steele

Jesus Freak, Part 4


King Josiah reformed the nation when he discovered the Book of the Law.

If we want revival to come to the church, yes prayer’s a part of it, … yes, inviting the Holy Spirit to take over our lives is part of it, but the main part is what Josiah found. The Book of the Law, God’s Word, will lead us to revival.
Sean Todd