My Church – Part 10: Church Attendance (Continued)

The church grows weaker when the body doesn’t minister to one another, when we haven’t considered the way we can build one another up in the local church. And the church grows weaker because of that. And in order to build one another up we actually have to get [to church].
Patrick Steele

Xena Pennington’s Farewell Address

I underestimate the impact that I can have on people or community. We all have a part of the world that we can change, that we have an influence on.
Xena Pennington

My Church – Part 9: Church Attendance

…there are things that God wants to do in your life that He can only do in a community environment.
Sean Todd

My Church – Part 8: Church Discipline

A Procedure to Practice

by Patrick Steele

A Principal to Apply

by Sean Todd

This is how Jesus views His church. It is a place where God’s honor must be kept and where his children must feel safe.
Patrick Steele

Whenever there’s an issue with church discipline, or disputes between brothers and sisters, the goal is always restoration.
Sean Todd

My Church – Part 7: How We Maintain Fellowship

We’ve got to be on mission when we get to church, saying, “I am coming to church today to maintain the spirit of unity and the bond of peace because¬†when I break the spirit of unity and I break the bond of peace, I’m doing damage to Jesus’ work on the cross.”
Pastor Patrick