Building a Strong Family Unit

God is the one who designed family, so why get away from that? Why go and try to attempt to do something on our own that was created by God himself? It was God’s design, so why do we try to take it for ourselves? It was God’s design, we are God’s creation. He wants us to be successful at family, at doing family. He wants us to be successful in marriages. But we can’t do it on our own.
Dylan Marshall

My Church – Part 12: Spiritual Gifts (Continued)

…if we want to experience all that God has we need to say yes to the gifts
Patrick Steele

My Church – Part 11: Spiritual Gifts

Every member of the early church realized that they played an essential part, an essential role in the church, and without them something would have been missing.
Patrick Steele

Death Defying God – Easter 2018

That’s what Jesus did at [the cross], he paid a debt he didn’t owe, and he paid a debt that you cannot pay.
Sean Todd