Ignite Church Welcomes Gianna Jessen – 10 AM Service

Gianna was born in an abortion clinic after a failed saline abortion. God spared her life and she is now a pro-life advocate, speaker, writer, and singer. Gianna has a message of healing for all victims of abortion. She has traveled the world sharing the message of God’s love and life to world leaders and anyone who would hear her message.

Ignite church was blessed to have Gianna visit and speak a powerful message of truth and life.

Courageous Fatherhood


Nowadays it takes courage to be a father. Fatherhood, manhood in general is something that is under attack in our society. And why is it under attack? Because it was God’s design. Did you ever notice that Satan always attacks the pillars of God’s design? The things that are sacred are under attack, and fatherhood is a sacred institution created by God Himself. We’re in a day where we hear a lot of things about toxic masculinity or patriarchy, and we’re seeing the worst of manhood being revealed all the way around us. In our identity politic age, it tends to sort of be guilt by association. But in an age where men are behaving so badly, we are in an age when we can shine like a light like never before. We can be a contrast to what the world has created out of manhood and out of fatherhood. We can show the world what it means to be a godly father.
Sean Todd

Death Defying God – Easter 2018

That’s what Jesus did at [the cross], he paid a debt he didn’t owe, and he paid a debt that you cannot pay.
Sean Todd

Ordinary But Extraordinary

A Mother’s Day Message by Amy Todd

Amy Todd talks about the extraordinary impact on history made by ordinary women of faith through their acts of obedience.

Many of us sacrifice our own desires and needs for the sake of family or friends, and many times nobody notices, but God does. And many times, ladies, it’s not what others believe about us, but it’s what we believe about our self that’s holding us back from what God has called us to do.
Amy Todd


Easter 2017

The fear and the anxiety about your death in the future is actually lifted from you. Yes death might be like a roaring lion, but Jesus has de-toothed that lion.
Patrick Steele