Jesus Freak, Part 3

Even If – Freaks in the Fire

One true mark of a Jesus Freak is not just that they display what some people might call an unusual amount of enthusiasm about Jesus, but that they maintain an enthusiasm through any amount of hardship, persecution, or difficulty that this earthly life can dish out.
Patrick Steele

The Born Supremacy – God’s Promise of a King

Next to the cross of Jesus Christ and his death on the cross, the incarnation, God becoming a man, is probably the most significant, historical, impactful event that’s ever taken place on planet earth. It changed the world forever.

…he wasn’t coming to fight for [Israel] in a physical sense, but he was going to deliver them from the greatest oppression ever, themselves. And that’s what Christmas speaks to us. Today, if you get anything out of this, I want you to remember – Jesus equals deliverance. And in your life and in my life … most of our real problems come from within. And most of our real problems come from internally, and Jesus is still that child who delivers people. And that baby born in a manger ended up being a powerful deliverer. Most of you are sitting in this room [today] because that baby born in a manger grew up and became a Savior who died on a cross, who resurrected from the dead and now is seated at the right hand of the Father, so that you would never be oppressed again. Many times [we think] our cry has to be … Jesus save me from this situation, save me from this relationship … Jesus save me from this financial situation, save me from my boss, but the real issue is that Jesus saves us from ourselves, and he delivers us.

Sean Todd

The Importance of the Bible Story Line to Understanding Ourselves

Pastor Patrick teaches on the importance of the Bible story line to understanding ourselves as human beings and as individuals.

Identity, Part 5 – Complete in Him

Pastor Sean continues his sermon series on new identity. This week Sean talks about how God is doing a work of completion in our lives.