My Church – Part 5: Fellowship

Church isn’t meant to be like going to a theater and watching a movie and then everybody goes home because you’ve been entertained. It’s more like a family … As a family you also take responsibility for one another.
Ken Bibee

Jesus Freak, Part 8

The Gaderine Demoniac and the Woman with an Issue of Blood

…she was the one who reached out and touched Him, and Jesus isn’t gonna’ let that go.
Ken Bibee

Missions Sunday

Go Into All the World

Rich Marshall, Ken Bibee, Amy Swek, and Jake Vargo talk about mission opportunities for Ignite Church at the local, national, and international levels.

New Year’s Day 2017

Happy New Year Ignite Church! Our New Year’s Day celebration featured messages by Jocelyn Dale and Xena Penning, and surprise comments by Pastors Sean and Amy Todd, Patrick and Dawn Steele, and Elder Ken Bibee.

Jesus Up Close & Personal – Part 5

Jesus Confronts the Pharisees and Feeds Five Thousand

John 5 & 6


If you’re in a situation where it’s just completely overwhelming, it’s impossible, there’s no way out, there’s no solution, if you look at what you have, even if it’s just five loaves and two fish, Jesus can make it work. Jesus can make a miracle out of it.
Ken Bibee