My Church – Part 16: My Mission

Much of our problem with Gospel preaching today is that we’re actually not preaching the Gospel. … and not only does it rob us from true conversions and true disciples, but it robs true disciples of a relationship with God that is true and genuine. It robs them from knowing the Jesus, the real Jesus that wants to save their souls.
Sean Todd

Church 187

Sometimes God’s put people in your life that he wants you to emulate, but in your heart you do not want to emulate, you would rather eliminate, because it’s easier to put space between them and you than it is to learn from them.
Sean Todd

Mission Powerful

Pastor Sean talks about Jesus’ model for evangelism in his encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4.

The Church, Part 3

The Church in Action

Our presentation isn’t just going to win them over. It’s the purpose, and the presence, and the power of God, active in our lives.
Sean Todd

Pastor Sean talks about the prerequisite three P’s of the church in action: Power, Presence, and Purpose.

The Church, Part 2

Tidal Bore or Total Bore

When we love one another we’re in the current of what God is doing in the world. When we forgive one another, we are in the flow of what God is doing in the world. When we share the Gospel of Jesus with somebody, we’re in the flow of what God is doing in the world.
Patrick Steele