The Cycle

Pastor Sean Todd talks about the cycle we go through as believers; from sinner to enthusiastic convert, to separatist, to activist, and hopefully back to enthusiastic evangelical.

The primary mission of the church today is not only to save the lost, but it’s to seek them out. Sean Todd

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The Invisible Man

The reason you and I can still exist in this relationship, this long distance relationship with Jesus Christ, through time and space, and even through difficult times in our life, is because of the experiential reality that the third person of the Holy Trinity has filled our hearts to overflow, and His presence there inhabiting us on the inside communicates to us indiscriminately, irresistibly, the love of God Himself. That’s Good News!
Patrick Steele

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Be the Change

Dylan Marshall talks about being world changers through the power of Jesus Christ within us.

I love just as much as the next person to be here on a Sunday morning, to be up here speaking, to be up here worshiping. I love that, but if that’s where it stops, then we’ve got this all wrong.
Dylan Marshall

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Inexpressible Joy

Happiness is conditional, and if we build our lives upon the sand of happiness, when the storm comes it will surely blow away. Joy on the other hand, is an unmovable state. It is not conditioned upon circumstances. In fact, sometimes joy is found in the worst of circumstances. Sometimes when you’ve got no reason to be joyful, when everything is falling apart, joy is conditioned upon a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Sean Todd

What I started to realize was that God let me go back to him. He could have let me run this race longer and made the crash a lot bigger. Once you get in a race that God tells you not to get in, and the longer you go, the faster you go, the longer you go, the bigger the crash will be.
Hudson Sturm

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I Can, I Will. End of Story.

You’re going to suffer in this world whether you want to or not.  And so, in the instant, if we’re going to suffer anyway, we should suffer for God, because in suffering for God, we can ask God for his strength. Philippins 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” And God will give you the strength to go through anything that you’re going through right now.
Corey Parker

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