The Cycle

Pastor Sean Todd talks about the cycle we go through as believers; from sinner to enthusiastic convert, to separatist, to activist, and hopefully back to enthusiastic evangelical.

The primary mission of the church today is not only to save the lost, but it’s to seek them out. Sean Todd

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Jesus Freak, Part 5

Noah – A Freak in a Flood

Don’t be afraid to share the good news about Jesus with a culture who needs to know that there’s a flood coming, but it’s a flood of fire this time. God need’s people to speak for Him in this generation.
Patrick Steele

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Mission Powerful

Pastor Sean talks about Jesus’ model for evangelism in his encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4.

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Mission Possible: The Sequal

More from Pastor Patrick on witnessing, evangelism, and the Great Commission.

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