The Blue Collar Gospel – Part 8

Mark Chapter 8

The Chapter of Repeats

by Sean Todd

Whenever God calls people together, whenever God wants to teach and do things in people’s lives, he provides for them the ability to do so.

Courageous Fatherhood


Nowadays it takes courage to be a father. Fatherhood, manhood in general is something that is under attack in our society. And why is it under attack? Because it was God’s design. Did you ever notice that Satan always attacks the pillars of God’s design? The things that are sacred are under attack, and fatherhood is a sacred institution created by God Himself. We’re in a day where we hear a lot of things about toxic masculinity or patriarchy, and we’re seeing the worst of manhood being revealed all the way around us. In our identity politic age, it tends to sort of be guilt by association. But in an age where men are behaving so badly, we are in an age when we can shine like a light like never before. We can be a contrast to what the world has created out of manhood and out of fatherhood. We can show the world what it means to be a godly father.
Sean Todd


What would you do if you’d lost everything? And you’re there, disgraced, and shamed, and you’ve lost all of the benefits that you’ve worked for all of your life? What would you cry out for? What would you be asking for? Even though David had once had everything, and he’s now lost everything, David cries out, not God give me back all of these creature comforts that I’ve amassed to myself, and all of the dignity and pomp and splendor of being king, but God, give me more of you. In your trial, in your difficulty, in your desert space, is that what you cry?
Patrick Steele

Greater Than

…when God begins to change you you’ll begin to react differently, and people will notice that you are different, and you will find yourself in situations that used to undo you. Those same situations that were meant to undo you are now making you who you are.
Sean Todd

What Christians Ought to Know About Difficulties

Sometimes we’re trying to get into a life of comfort and ease where we feel better, where we’re healthy and we’re wealthy, and God says I’m more concerned about the inner life. I’m more concerned about you becoming more like Jesus.
Patrick Steele

Jesus Freak, Part 8

The Gaderine Demoniac and the Woman with an Issue of Blood

…she was the one who reached out and touched Him, and Jesus isn’t gonna’ let that go.
Ken Bibee

Jesus Freak, Part 6

Jonah – Freak in a Fish

…you might be in a place in your life right now where you’re being squeezed beyond what you think you can bear, but God’s plan for you has not changed. And sometimes in those rough places is where God is doing his greatest work in your lives.
Sean Todd

Jesus Freak, Part 3

Even If – Freaks in the Fire

One true mark of a Jesus Freak is not just that they display what some people might call an unusual amount of enthusiasm about Jesus, but that they maintain an enthusiasm through any amount of hardship, persecution, or difficulty that this earthly life can dish out.
Patrick Steele

Youth Sunday


This Youth Sunday features messages inspired by the book of Romans from Hudson Sturm, Rhiannon Loomis, and Dylan Marshall.